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Buyers Guide

Information about buying Children's beds and bedroom furniture

There is a vast choice of children's beds and bedroom furniture on the market but how do you chose the right bed for your child? In truth it's not easy. The starting point is age, highsleepers are not recomended for children under the age of 6, of course you know your kids better than anyone so you will know whether you are comfortable with them sleeping up high. Midsleeper or Cabin Beds as they are sometimes known are recomended from the age of 4 but again all children are different and where one will be fine another will struggle. Bunk beds are generally regarded as suitable for children from 5 years of age. At our showroom in Farnham you will be able to see a range of different height beds and your kids are welcome to try the ladders in order that you can assess whether you feel the bed you are considering is suitable.

So having decided what type of bed you are looking at for your kids which one of the many on the market should you chose? To help you should ask yourself these questions:

  • 1. What size bed am I looking for, what space do I have in the room in question?
  • 2. How long would I like my child to sleep on this bed?
  • 3. With a Highsleeper or Cabin Bed, what (if anything) do I want to put under the bed? e.g. Storage, a playtent, drawers, a wardrobe?
  • 4. Do I want the option to change the bed to a different format in the future? Some ranges are building systems and can be changed over time or with bunks some will break down to two single beds.
  • 5. Do I want solid wood? There are some very good children's beds made from MDF or Fibre Boards nowdays

If you ask yourself these questions and have an idea of the answers you will quickly be able to narrow your choices down.

What should I look for in a Children's bed?

The first and most important thing with children's beds is obviously safety. Look at how the bed is constructed, how high are the safety barriers on the bed, is the bed solid and is my child comfortable with the ladder? When looking at the ladder remember that it is not just when they are wide awake that you need to think about. Will your child be ok using the ladder when they are half asleep and wake up for a visit to the bathroom? Also remember that ladders come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, take a good look at the shape, angle and construction of the ladder before you commit to buy. Many of the cheaper children's bunk beds on the market have very basic poorly costructed ladders with vertical rungs which are easy to slip on and can also be painful of young feet when they are climbing.

With children's Cabin Beds, Highsleepers or Bunks be sure to ask whether there is a maximum mattress height. Many of these sorts of children's beds come with a recomended mattress depth and we are constantly amazed how few of our competitors are aware of these recomendations. With bunk beds in particular be sure to check that if they can be converted to single beds the join between them when they are bunks is solid and secured. Some cheaper bunks are simply held together with a single pin on each join which means if the top bunk is lifted fingers can get caught. We insist on the highest build quality and do not stock such bunks.

Mattresses for Children's beds

Very few retailers actually give much thought to mattresses for children. Remember that younger children weight next to nothing so putting them on an expensive pocket sprung mattress is pointless as you may as well let them sleep on the floor. If you want a sprung mattress then you should consider the children's age when buying. There are numerous children's mattresses on the market but as a general rule we suggest thinking about a soft open coil sprung mattress for children below the age of 10 and perhaps a pocket sprung mattress above that age. Our advice is to consider a memory foam mattress for your kids. The main reasons for this advice are as follows:

  • a) You can sleep a child of any age on a memory foam mattress
  • b) They promote proper posture and reduce joint friction during sleep
  • c) They are hypoalergenic and dust mite resistant unlike most sprung mattresses
  • d) All of our memory foam mattresses come with removable washable covers

Research suggests that the optimum level of memory foam for a children's mattress is between 2 and 5 cms. Our range come with 2 1/2 cms which should offer superior support for kids between 3 and 15 years of age. You will also be surprised at the cost of memory foam mattresses compaired to sprung matttresses. In fact you will find that a memory foam mattress is generally cheaper than a pocket sprung.

Peace of Mind

When buying a children's bed make sure you know who you are dealing with. What happens if something goes wrong? Does the bed come with a warranty? If not will the retailer offer aftersales service if there is a problem? Many internet children's bed retailers are only too happy to take your money and will seem friendly and attentive during the sales process but lack interest when there is a problem. No retailer can check the contents of every box they supply to a customer. Therefore sometimes there will be problems, a part will be missing or damaged. These sorts of problems are unavoidable, be sure that you feel confident that your retailer will be willing and able to help should there be an issue. At Rainbow Wood customer service is our number 1 priority, we may not always get things 100% right, anyone who says they do is lying but we strive to help our customers whatever the problem to the best of our ability.

So why buy your Children's bed from Rainbow Wood?

Here's 5 reasons to buy from us:

  • 1. We are a family owned company with 7 years experience in the Children's bed market
  • 2. We only sell children's beds so we know what we are talking about
  • 3. Almost all of our staff are trained to build the beds so when there is a problem there should be no difficulty in us understanding your issue
  • 4. We put customer service first and as parents we understand the needs of children
  • 5. Our range is second to none. In addition we closely examine any bed we consider stocking and apply exacting criteria to ensure we bring you the very highest quality children's beds available on the market