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A little information about our Children's Beds....

Thuka Trendy Children's Beds.

Thuka Trendy Childrens beds image

The Thuka Trendy range is a building system which means that it can change as your child grows. One thing that every parent knows is that kids keep growing and with this in mind the Thuka range adapts as you child gets older. The modular nature of the Thuka Trendy Children's bed system means that you can start off with a single bed and convert it to a cabin bed, highsleeper or even bunk beds with the appropreate kits.

Thuka Trendy kids beds are made from high grade Scandinavian Pine although the actual manufacture of the product is undertaken in Estonia. The product is widely available and the quality of the product is generally very good. Thuka also produce a range of matching furniture to compliment their children's beds and with a number of coulour options available there really is something for everone in the range. There are also two main wood finishes available, natural and whitewash pine.

The Thuka single bed, the starting point of the Trendy Children's bed range, can be purchased for as little as £125 and upgrade kits start at £130 meaning that it is very affordable option for any parent.

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Cresta Scallywag Children's Beds.

Scallywag Children's Cabin Bed Image

The Scallywag range of children's beds is again a modular building system meaning that it can grow with your child. They supply a fantastic range of children's furniture to compliment their beds meaning that you can add to your childs bedroom furniture over the years. As with the Thuka Trendy, the Scallywag system allows you to start with a single bed which can be extended over time to a midsleeper, highsleeper or even bunk beds with the appropreate kits. The Scallywag range is available in two finishes, Honey Pine or Solid White and there are 8 different colour options available for the gable ends, ladders and furniture frontage.

Cresta is a family owned children's bed company with over 50 years experience in designing and manufacturing kids beds. What sets them apart from many other manufacturers is that the product is actually produced in the UK. The wood used is responsibly sourced Scandinavian Pine but the production process takes place in Mirfield, West Yorkshire.

The Scallywag Single bed starts from just £235 and kits cost from as little as £90 for the midsleeper cabin bed kit. Whilst Scallywag is more expensive than Thuka you do get slightly more for your money. The Pine used is taken from the center of the tree making it slightly tougher and more robust. The posts as rails on the Scallywag are also thicker meaning that ultimately there is more wood in the product itself.

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Stompa Kids Beds.

Stompa Children's Beds Image

Whilst the Stompa range of children's beds is less flexible than Thuka and Scallywag they are certainly good looking and practical. Again made from high grade Scandinavian Pine from sustainable sources they do not convert to other formats. The Stompa next generation range includes a midsleeper, the Rondo, a highsleeper, the Casa and a single bed, the Solo. They also produce a range of complimentary furniture including wardrobes, chests and storage units.

Stompa beds are again made in Estonia and come in two finishes, Antique Pine or Painted White. We have experienced some problems with the white finish showing knots through after time although we are assured that this issue is being addressed in the manufacturing process.

Although the Stompa beds do not convert they are modular to an extent in as much as you can start with say a midsleeper cabin bed and add items of furniture and storage over time should you wish. Similarly the highsleeper can be pruchased as a stand alone frame and chairbeds, desks, wardrobes and or starage can be added later. The Stompa range is available from around £200 and the midsleepers start at £330.

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Parisot Children's Beds.

Parisot Children's Beds image

Parisot kids beds are designed and produced just outside Paris and imported into the country by a children's bedroom furniture speciaist supplier in Yorkshire. They are very different to other ranges on our website as they are not solid wood. They are made of almost 100% recycled materials which are formed into a high grade fibre board and then cut to shape. The board is covered with a heat bonded top foil which produces a fantastic finish on all of the beds and furniture.

Parisot beds are designed to be easy to assemble and thus are not as flexible as other ranges although they are incredibly solid and robust once up. Parisot produce a large range of bunks, midsleepers and highsleers and they come in a range of stylish finishes. From the point of view of value for money they are difficult to beat when it comes to furniture given that wardrobes are available from as little as £300. Their unique designs also offer a range of storage options for those customers looking to maximise a smaller room.

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Thuka Hit Kids Beds

Thuka Hit Children's Beds Image

The Thuka Hit range is a slightly cheaper version of Thuka's Children's bed range. The Hit range is not convertable and therefore you do not have the flexibility of the Thuka Trendy or Scallywag bed ranges. The Hit is however made out of the same high grade Scandinavian Pine as the Thuka Trendy range and they are surprisingly sturdy given the fact that there is less wood in them. The posts are slightly thinner than Trendy as are the safety barriers and they are only avaiable with a straight ladder. The Hit range is however great value for money and available in various formats with tents or without and there is a great range of matching furniture to compliment the beds.

Again available in the Thuka Natural or Whitewash Pine finishes, Thuka Hit beds start at just £110 with a midsleeper costing in the region of £185.

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The Children's Bedroom Company, CBC

The Children's Bedroom Company Image

The Children's Bedroom Company take children's beds to the next level. These beautifully crafted beds are hand made in Warminster and finished to the very highest standard. The beds are made of Solid Pine and a high density MDF. The MDF is used as it is very difficult to obtain a high quality finish consistantly with solid wood throughout the product. There is a range of 6 different colour finishes with the CBC beds and furniture and they produce a large number of furniture pieces to suit any room.

One of the best thing about CBC is the fact that they are happy to produce bespoke pieces at very little extra cost. This applies to the beds and furniture so if you have an unusual space and need a beautiful piece of furniture to fit it CBC could well be the answer.

The Children's Bedroom Company beds are available from £495 and although this might sound expensive these beds are worth every penny.

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Freya Land Children's Beds by Con-Tempo

Freya Land Children's Beds Image

Freya Land offer a range of very high quality children's beds and bedroom furniture with 9 beautiful colour options. The colours can be mixed and matched to create a stunning look for your child's bedroom. Like CBC, Freya Land beds are hand made in the West Country and finished to the very highest standard. A combination of solid hardwood and high density MDF allow for a smooth, attractive and hard wearing finish meaning that your bed and furniture will look great for years.

Con-Tempo are also able to offer a bespoke service at a minimal additional cost and the combination of coulour options means that their beds and furniture will grace any bedroom.

Freya Land beds are available from £385 and additional furniture pieces start at just £150. As with CBC products Freya Land is truely fine furniture for your children's bedroom and whilst it is more expensive than the more popular children's bed ranges its quality speaks for itself.

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Saplings Cots, Cribs and Junior Beds

Saplings Cots, Cribs and Cot Beds Image

Sapliings pride themselves on providing quality baby products at affordable prices. Their modern and exciting designs bring style to thier products and all the wood used is from sustainable forests meaning that they tick the eco friendly box as well.

Saplings cots, cot beds and junior beds are available in a number of attractive wood finishes and also in a solid white. Starting at as little as £75 for a crib and £125 for a cot they are an affordable option for any parent to be.

In addition to being great looking and practical the Saplings range is alo availble at a low delivery cost of just £9 and our flexible delivery policy means that you can chose when you would like to have your cot delivered.

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Verona Children's Beds and Bunks

Verona Children's Beds Image

Verona Design provide a range of children's beds and furniture imported from Brazil. The range is made from Brazilian Pine which is faster grown than Scandinavian Pine and thus softer. Despite this the beds and furniture are surprisingly sturdy for the price. Available with a number of colour options for the gable ends and furniture frontage the Verona range is more of a budget level option.

With cabin beds and furniture available from £200 there is something to suit every pocket and their fast delivery service also means that there is not such a wait for their products.

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Other Children's Bed Ranges.

Rainbow Wood also stock beds from companies like Sweet Dreams and Julian Bowen who again offer beds and furniture at the lower end of the price range. These beds are well made and robust and offer great value for money. Made from a range of materials they offer Duvans, Cabin Beds, Highsleepers and Bunk Beds.