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Welcome to the Home of Children's Beds

Scallywag Cabin with Desk and chest image

Welcome to Rainbow Wood South, the home of children's beds. We supply a wide range of children's beds and bedroom furniture from some of the best known brand names in the industry.

Our range is second to none, not simply because we have lots of kids beds to chose from but more importantly we bring you the best there is. We have done the hard work for you in order to bring our customers only the best quality children's beds available in the market place.

Featured Range - Flexa Shelfie Modular Storage

Flexa Shelfie Combi 8

The New Flexa Shefie range is a versatile shelving and storage range which can be purchased in combinations or on a 'build your own' basis. The shelfie range is available with Natural Lacquer, whitewash, Terra or solid while legs and the units and shelves are made from High density MDF. All the units in the range are fully modular and height adjustable meaning that you can truly build the storage that you need.

Beds for Kids

If you are looking for beds for your kids you have come to the right place. Rainbow Wood have a large selection of kids beds and bedroom furniture available at great prices. In addition we have a large display of kids beds at our Farnham Showroom where our expert staff are happy to answer any questions 6 days a week. Its also never been easier to order your kids bed from Rainbow Wood. You can now buy online, contact us by phone, come in to the showroom to see us or ever tweet us or contact us on Facebook.

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Types of Beds for Kids....

There are so many types of beds for kids that it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your particular needs. The industry also uses phrases to describe children's beds that can some times be confusing. So what are the options?

Single Beds

freyaland single kids beds image

The traditional single bed comes in many shapes and sizes to suit all room sizes. You will also find that there is a vast range of colours on the market although it is always wise to actually see the colour you are considering rather than rely on a colour shown on a website. The reason for this is that different computer screens can show colours very differently.

Single beds can come with under bed storage drawers or trundle beds or simply have nothing underneath them. Divan beds for kids often come with slide storage which optimises the entire space under your kid's bed. The difference between a divan and a bed frame is simply that with a divan bed the mattress sits on a divan box which is the same size as the mattress whereas the mattress sits inside a bed frame.

Captains Beds

Short Captains Bed for Kids

A captains bed is slightly taller than a standard height single bed. Usually the mattress would be around 50 to 75cm off the ground. Because of their height they are better for older kids. With a captains bed you can get more storage under the bed, typically you will find either drawers and or a trundle bed underneath.

Mid Sleepers or Cabin Beds

Scallywag mid sleeper cabin bed for kids image

Mid sleepers or cabin beds are a great option if your child has a small room. A mid sleeper will typically be around 110 to 120cm tall giving plenty of room underneath for storage. The great thing about a cabin bed is that you can actually locate furniture under the bed really making the most of your space. Another popular option on a cabin bed is a play tent, this is a set of curtains which create a colourful play area under the bed for your children. It is right to note here that cabin beds are not generally recommended for children under 4 years of age.

Bunk Beds

Flexa White Bunk Beds for Kids Image

Most parents know what bunk beds are, many of us used to sleep on them when we were kids. There are however a couple of options on bunks. The traditional bunk gives two beds one above the other. This is a great space saving option and is by far the most popular bunk style. For those who want to do something a little different L shaped bunks are a great option. These are often high sleeper beds (see below) with a separate single bed set at a right angle underneath. Typically bunk beds are in the region of 150cm high and are not generally recommended for kids under 6 years of age.

High Sleepers and Junior High Sleepers

Thuka Trendy 29 High Sleeper Kids Beds Image

High Sleepers and Junior High Sleepers are again a great option for smaller rooms. With a high sleeper you have the option of many different pieces of furniture underneath. Many manufacturers offer desks, chests, wardrobes, futons or sofa beds or combination furniture under their high sleepers. A junior high sleeper restricts what can be done underneath a little as they are usually around the height of a bunk bed (see above). A high sleeper bed is usually in the region of 180cm high although again the height can vary. All of the high sleepers beds that we have seen are designed to be used with a ceiling height of 7 foot 6 inches (228cm) and are again not recommended for kids of under 6 years of age.

Build Systems

There are a number of manufacturers who offer build system beds. These beds are designed to be adaptable as your kids grow. Typically they will start with a single bed which can be converted with kits to a mid sleeper, high sleeper or set of bunks. These are a great option if you think you might want to change your kids bed when they get a little older and mean that you can do so for a reasonable price and without the hassle of completely changing your child's bedroom furniture. Here at Rainbow Wood we supply the best that the UK market has to offer so far as build systems are concerned with ranges for Thuka, Cresta Scallywag and Flexa.

For more information on any of our ranges or more detailed information on any of the above please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff. Alternatively we would love to welcome you to our showroom where we have the largest selection of kid's beds in the south of England on display.